6 PPC Areas of Focus For 2022 Success

6 PPC Areas for Sucess

Get ready for 2022 with optimizations to refresh your existing marketing strategy. Discover entirely new ways to reach your audience! These 6 trends are fantastic areas to explore with the goal to boost your PPC returns. 

  1. Conversion Actions 

Common PPC conversion goals: transactions, online contact forms, request demo or quote, phone call (first time or repeat), chat conversions, local action/directions, offline conversions matched with ad click, and custom goals.  

  1. Man Your Automations 

Use automations to simplify ad management. Campaigns using smart bidding strategies can be adjusted to target CPA or ROAS. 

  1. Keyword Matching Strategies

Changes in keyword match in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads requires an update in keyword strategy. Sketching out how the keywords are matching and structural changes will be a necessary exercise.

  1. Ad Copy Review 

Test and update the content of your PPC ad regularly to maintain the best performance. Responsive search ads, machine learning, call-to-action buttons, catchy headlines with keywords tend have the best performance on Google.

  1. Responsive Display Ads

These ads give you the ability to use Google Ads performance feedback to optimize ad assets and can be run alongside image display ads giving you the opportunity to test and compare ad reach and results. 

  1. Customer Match

There is a crack-down on cookies. First-party data is critical to advertisers, making customer match important. Upload a customer list to the ad platform and it will attempt to match those customers with known users.

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