16 Marketing Tactics That Work Today

marketing tactics

Depending on your objectives, budget, and target audience you may need to execute different marketing strategies. Here are 16 different options you can try out:  

  1. Frequently Promote 
  2. Repurpose Content 
  3. Refresh Content 
  4. Optimize Content for Google Discover
  5. Rank in Organic Search
  6. Optimize for Featured Snippets 
  7. Update Internal Links
  8. Middleman Method to Pass Link Equity to Money Pages
  9. Monitor & Respond to HARO Request 
  10. Build Authority & Links
  11. Relevant Guest Posts
  12. Email Campaigns 
  13. Leverage Cheap Marketing Channels
  14. Sponsorships 
  15. Affiliate Program
  16. Brand Codes

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