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Website Mistakes that Scare Away Visitors

Website Mistakes to Avoid

The internet is a industrial shoppers paradise new websites are popping up at every corner.   Is your website scaring away visitors?   Here are 6 avoidable mistakes that may be scaring your website visitors away: 

What B2B website visitors need from you!

Your B2B website strategy boils down to figuring out what your current and potential customers want online and then meeting that desire online. As more small businesses continue to launch or upgrade their Web presence, we’ll have to learn a few things in order to maximize that digital migration. You have to prepare your website and that starts with understanding what your current and potential clients want from you online and then giving it to them.  Sounds simple enough…

Ultimately, your Web design is not about your favorite things. It’s about clearly and simply relaying a message that connects with your visitors in 2 seconds or less.  Your visitors what to know:

  1. What you have.
  2. What you can do for them.
  3. Who you are.
  4. That they can trust you and your message.


Just because you can build a website yourself should you?

Ten years ago, building a quality e-commerce website was a highly expensive proposition. You had to hire an outside firm to do it. Today, businesses can use any number of open-source platforms to build a complex, yet relatively inexpensive website.

But just because you can do it yourself, should you?

I say no. It’s too critical to your business not to get right.  These cookie-cutter websites that people are peddling may be fine for some kid with a blog or a pizza parlor looking to put their menu and phone number online, but for most businesses, they just look unprofessional.

Here’s the thing about cheap, template-driven websites: They look like every other cheap website out there. And that cheapens your brand. It makes you look like you don’t take your marketing and messaging seriously.

Custom designs are always going to cost more but the result is something you’ll never get from a generic template: a site that’s been designed to drive real business for you. That requires a team of people including an information architect, a designer, a front-end coder, a back-end developer, a quality assurance expert, and a project manager to coordinate all of the work.

But first, you must find the right design team. Look for one that understands your business and how to best promote your business online. When you are interviewing potential designers, make sure they can point to specific case studies of successful projects they have completed for other clients.

The design process should always start with a planning phase: That’s when your designer should demonstrate an understanding of your business, the competitive landscape, and the goals for the project.

This is followed by the design stage, where your team will map out the look and feel of the site and lay out the navigation and functionality requirements.

Finally, after all of the site specs are agreed upon, the front and back-end coding will begin. At this stage, the quality assurance process tests the site’s functionality across a variety of browsers.

It’s not a fast or cheap process. (And, by the way, it doesn’t end there: The next step involves driving traffic to it with sound marketing strategies.)

If want to be in business, then you need to be online. But if you’re doing a bad job of it online, you have no business being in business in the first place.

Nice Clients to Have…


I just wanted to pass on a complement on the work you and your team have done so far on our website!  The new homepage and back page designs are awesome.  We believe you have captured our intent and spirit with this design.  We can’t wait to get the entire site completed and on line!

Please pass along  our congratulations  and give a “high 5” to your entire team!

Best Regards,


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