Write Engaging Website Copy that Converts

engaging copy

The most common problem copywriters have is that when writing they perceive messages from the perspective of a business rather than the customers. This causes the customer to miss the reason why your copy is important and benefits them. When people arrive at the page of your website, good copy should lead them to convert. Here are five tips to make a compelling web copy that drives sales.  

  1. Know your customers

Make buyers personas that include personal info, professional info, values & fears, goals & challenges, where they are (via media devices), and negative info. Using this info find a voice and development a language your customers can relate to and understand. 

2. Focus on benefits

Include features and other useful information the customer may be wondering about. Ask how does the product or service solves their problem? If possible, include a demo video that enhances the text. 

3. Be concise 

Attention spans are short. Utilize headers, bullet points, and short sentences to break up dense information. Headers and headlines should be bold and give the customers an idea about what the copy is about. Avoid clickbait headlines and headers. This could hurt the client’s business trust relationship. Bullet points can be used for lists, for example, materials or features of the product. Think about how you speak to a person to shorten up your longer sentences. 

4. Improve your design 

Fonts and visuals should match the tone of your copy. Headers should be bigger than the body copy with the smallest copy size typically at 16px. Photos or videos should be placed near relevant information. Think about whether you want the majority of your photos to be landscape or portrait dimensions.

5. Apply clear call-to-action 

Write copy that instills a sense of urgency. Think about words that evolve moment or physical interacting. For example, add a “start now” button after a brief paragraph describing your product or service. This will compel the customer to continue to the next step they need to do to do business with you. 

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