What is Google Passage Ranking?

Passage Indexing refers to Google ranking passages separately not indexing the passages independently therefore “Passage Indexing” is now called “Passage Ranking”. The indexing system has not changed, but search system has been improved with insightful results by highlighting passages. 

Google Passage Ranking works as an automated system designed to improve the search results of the users by pulling out a passage from web page content containing relevant information. If you were looking for an article or blog about “search engine optimization” Google will automatically pull out a relevant passage from a webpage from its online traffic to make it easier for you to find the information you need. Your web page also does not need to rank on Google. The passage ranking system pulls from paragraphs on web pages that rank independently.   

Featured Snippets are designed to answer queries by users. The snippets are direct answers without the users having to visit the link. For example, if you searched “What is the best computer for web design?” in the search bar. As soon as you hit the search button, the featured snippet will show the results on top of the search results. Similarly, but slightly different, Passage Ranking takes a certain section of the page to display the result. 

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