Pay Attention to Google Algorithm Updates!

WARNING! New page experience metrics involves creating optimization strategies to improve search rankings, web traffic, and consumer centric experience.   Bad page experience:   Slow page speeds Bad structure & design Lack of engagement  How to Improve:   Optimize for mobile search Speed up page loading Separate CTAs  Use Alt Text for images  Focus on content  Need help …

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors for 2021

Help your website rank higher on Google. Focus on these factors:   High-Quality Content Backlinks Search Intent  Website Load Speed Mobile Friendliness  Domain Authority  Keyword Optimization  Web Structure  Website Security  User Experience  Struggling with any of these factors? Call us today at 248.528.3600 

Google Algorithms Impacts the Online Market

Google’s policies decide the ranking of web pages and websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). Most businesses depend on online traffic for sales and information distribution. Unfortunately, Google can be pretty vague on providing details on how updates work leaving many guessing. Here are several changes that may affect your search results: 1. Removal …


Align with your customer

Marketing is just the beginning! To align with your customers’ needs, take a careful and thoughtful look at these 5 items to create an engaging end-to-end customer journey: 1. Internal and external processes  2. Technologies  3. Talent  4. Data models  5. KPIs  Need to change marketing strategies? Call 248.528.3600. 

PPC, SEO, Better Together

SEO & PPC Better Together

Web traffic is generated in two ways: search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC or Search Marketing). Success in business requires choosing one. Or does it? Digital marketing is not one size fits all. Your strategy depends on your business, market and goals. An integrated approach is the perfect mix to accomplish your goals …

promote your business

5 Ways to Promote your Business To Your Clients During Social Distancing

With more of your clients now working from home — whether temporary or the new norm — consider leveraging some of your other channels to promote your business to them.  Here are 5 ways to promote your business to your potential clients: Tailor your website content to your target audience. Add hyperlinks to your outgoing emails.  …