Small Business Need Web Design

Why Small Business Owners Need Web Design

Small business owners need a high quality and professionally designed website to help build the credibility of your business, encourage customer trust, and patronage, and compete with large corporations. With a website, your business can achieve increased marketing effectiveness at a lower cost. Digital marketing has proven to be a highly effective marketing method with …


Cloudflare blocks 15M rps HTTPS DDoS attack

Earlier this month, Cloudflare’s systems automatically detected and mitigated one of the largest HTTPS DDoS attacks on record, a 15.3 million request-per-second DDoS attack. HTTPS attacks are more expensive in terms of required computational resources due to the higher cost of establishing a secure TLS encrypted connection. Translation, it costs the attacker more to launch …

SEO issues

SEO Issues to Look Out For

Here is a checklist of issues that may be negatively affecting your SEO results: ⚠️ Slow site speed ⚠️ Missing page titles ⚠️ Missing meta descriptions ⚠️ Broken links ⚠️ Duplicate content ⚠️ No XML sitemap ⚠️ No HTTPS security ⚠️ Poor indexation ⚠️ Poor mobile optimization Need help fixing these issues? Call 248.528.3600

Address Google Updates

How to Address Google Core Algorithm Updates

Google confirmed that there is no “fix” that websites can do to pages that perform less other than building great content. Websites are evaluated over a long period of time, and this is viewed as a single, aggregated progress report. Then this the report is used to inform decisions to reward, punish, or maintain a site’s status. Many SEO experts have …

social media drives web traffic

How brands can take advantage of existing social media trends to drive traffic to their website

Recreate Trending Content: Getting your brand involved in culturally relevant movements can be achieved by recreating a trending piece of content on your company’s social media account. Make sure to put your own or a new spin on your product or message to give it a more authentic feel. Tik Tok’s discovery tab is a …