Authentic Content

What’s the Secret to Creating More Authentic Content?

User-generated content is trusted more than traditional media. Successful brands want to add genuine value and services to their audience without being manipulative. Their goal is to provide value first and sell second. Content with this goal in mind leads to better engagement with their audience, improved SEO, and greater clarity about what your company …

brand values

Great Values = Great Brand

The importance of brand values has become crucial when it comes to differentiating in a post-pandemic marketplace. Key themes from EY research show that while quality, convenience, and price still very much matter to consumer choice, but factors like sustainability, trust, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility are increasingly important to how consumers select their products …

web re-design

9 Solid Reasons for Website Redesign in 2021

Your website is the cornerstone of your company and the heart of your business! It boosts your company’s profitability and revenue significantly. Here are 9 additional reasons you need to re-do the design of your website today: 1.     Improve the user experience  2.     Target your customers  3.     Better branding 4.     Improved content strategy  5.     Outdated design = outdated info 6.     Improve …

web strategy

{Dev}elop a Web Strategy

Step 1: Research SEO Elements   Step 2: Gather content, images, and graphics Step 3: Plan & Design a layout  Step 4: Revise  Step 5: Program the design  Step 6: Review & test  Step 7: Launch! Step 8: Maintain your website  Call 248.528.3600 to get started on your website

social benefits

5 Benefits of Social Media

Social media isn’t just for recreation. You can conduct business and establish a connection with your current and potential clients. 5 additional benefits are: Marketing Channel  Multimedia Content Exchange Networks  Platform for Information  Consumer Review Networks Bookmark Networks & Content Organizers We have a team that can help brand across all platforms and helps build …

social marketing

Best Practices for Social Media Content Marketing in 2021

According to research from JungleScout, 54% of American consumers have purchased a product or service that they discovered through social media. In addition, 21% and 31% of consumers search for products on Instagram and Facebook, respectively. To help sell your product or service on social media exercise these best practices for content:  Know your audience   …