Mobile-first Page Experience & SEO

mobile first page & seo

Mobile website experience is impactful and critical to optimize for across all industries. Mobile interfaces require image compression and optimization. Important information should stay above the screen fold. 60% of mobile searches have local intent. Retail brands stand to experience major volatility in search results, particularly if second-tier retailers are able to capitalize on Page Experience and receive a rankings boost. Technical SEO also is essential for mobile. Here is a checklist for you to use to check to see if your website has these items: 

1. Plan your web structure 

2. Make sure your site is crawlable 

3. Make sure your site is indexable 

4. Use HTTPS

5. Accessible at one domain 

6. Loads fast 

7. Mobile-friendly design 

8. Install image compression plug-in 

9. Fix broken pages 

10. Fix duplicate content issues

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