keyword types

Keywords: The 3 Types & Mistakes to Avoid

Keywords not working? Maybe you are not using the correct type of keywords. Businesses should use a mixture of these types of keywords to produce maximum conversations: Short-tail keywords (ex. Marketing), Middle-tail keywords (ex. Digital Marketing in Detroit), and Long-tail keywords (ex. Content marketing strategy for small businesses).   Keyword stuffing is when you use the …

social media trends

10 New Social Media Marketing Trends

Time to update your marketing strategy! Start with these 10 trends: Social Selling Use Audiovisual Content  Use Artificial Intelligence  Collaborate with Micro & Virtual Influencers  Instant Messaging  Augmented Reality  Virtual Reality  User-generated Content  Personalization Social Welfare  Overwhelmed? We can help! Call 248.528.3600 

Build Relationships

Build better client relationships: Vibrant & dynamic Social Media Marketing

Build better client relationships: Vibrant & dynamic Social Media Marketing Vibrant and dynamic Social Media Marketing is a great way to keeping in communication with clients old and new. According to research, each person spends an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social networks and messaging. Additional benefits include: Improved social signals (a factor in …

Google Analytics

Topics a Google Analytic consultant can assist you in

If you are having difficulties in any of these areas navigating Google Analytics, maybe it is time to consider contacting a consult to better help you understand your customers’ journey. . . . Visitor engagement by traffic source  Bounce rate Pages per session  Average Sessions Duration  Visitor engagement by landing page  Visitor engagement by device …

Google Update

Google Core Summer Update (July 2021)

Websites that are losing rankings despite having strong content: Websites with thin content or websites offering advice on sensitive topics relating to finance, law, purchase recommendations and reviews, education, and health have unfortunately been negatively impacted from the Google Core Update.  Google leaves room for potential changes: Some of the updates from the June update …

mobile first page & seo

Mobile-first Page Experience & SEO

Mobile website experience is impactful and critical to optimize for across all industries. Mobile interfaces require image compression and optimization. Important information should stay above the screen fold. 60% of mobile searches have local intent. Retail brands stand to experience major volatility in search results, particularly if second-tier retailers are able to capitalize on Page …