Keywords: The 3 Types & Mistakes to Avoid

keyword types

Keywords not working? Maybe you are not using the correct type of keywords. Businesses should use a mixture of these types of keywords to produce maximum conversations: Short-tail keywords (ex. Marketing), Middle-tail keywords (ex. Digital Marketing in Detroit), and Long-tail keywords (ex. Content marketing strategy for small businesses).  

Keyword stuffing is when you use the same exact keywords numerous times in content to where it is no longer readable. Search engines penalize this behavior, and most people leave because reading the same thing over and over again is exhausting. Tell a story. You want your content to be readable. Replace repeat keywords with similar ones. 

For example, “Our experienced team understands Search Engine Organization or SEO in and out. We follow white hat SEO practices, stay on top of Google’s latest algorithm updates and properly distribute content; we are also in tune with the “non-technical” aspects necessary.” 

Keyword Research Checklist:

1. Find a primary keyword 

2. Assess search intent 

3. Assess your chances of ranking 

4. Research what people want to know 

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