Google Core Summer Update (July 2021)

Google Update

Websites that are losing rankings despite having strong content:

Websites with thin content or websites offering advice on sensitive topics relating to finance, law, purchase recommendations and reviews, education, and health have unfortunately been negatively impacted from the Google Core Update. 

Google leaves room for potential changes:

Some of the updates from the June update will be reversed in the July update. Quotes from Google SearchLiaison Twitter Account: 

“Some of our planned improvements for the June 2021 update aren’t quite ready, so we’re moving ahead with the parts that are, then we will follow with the rest with the July 2021 update. Most sites won’t notice either of these updates, as is typical with any core updates….”

“Of course, any core update can produce drops or gains for some content. Because of the two-part nature of this release, it’s possible a very small slice of content might see changes in June that reverse in July….” 

What webmasters and SEOs can do? 

  1. Write Original & Quality Content 
  2. Become Trustworthy/Use Expert Info
  3. Create Well Crafted Presentation & Production
  4. Answer Potential Users’ Questions 

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