Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know & Implement Now

digital marketing trends

Featured Snippets & Zero-Click Searches

Before 2021, the goal was positioning your website to number 1 for maximum visibility, but now you want to be at position zero. SEO professionals notify us that results appear in a small box at the top. Page title, meta description, and query know to display relevant information for the user. Featured snippets are meant for long-tail keyword phrases. On your website, include these long-tail keyword phrases in your article or blog along with pictures, video, and properly formatted content.


People are more concerned about the environment than ever. More than 80% of consumers feel companies should work for the betterment of the environment. So, when it comes to products and services, they are more attracted to brands with this in mind. Brand should be thinking about displaying their environmentalism through visuals: web content, banner style, social media posts. 

Visual Searches

For videos and images, typing in keywords is the best way to find them. Google Lens lets you take a picture of a product, and it will direct you to the specific web page of that product. With these in mind, update your video and image campaigns by adding alt text to image descriptions, links to your website’s sitemap, and high-quality videos, images, and gifs. 

Local Seo

Get Google verified at Google My Business to rank well locally. Getting listed on Google My Business allows you to display additional information about your business. Also include local keywords with maximum priority to the name of your city in your SEO strategy.

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