Core Web Vitals: Web Layouts & How to Improve Your Website’s LCP Score

LCP is an accurate and measurable way to measure how long a web page is useful when it loads for your website users. Google uses LCP scores as part of Core Web Vitals metric ranking websites, which is very important for search results and making to Google’s first search result page. Having poor LCP could negatively impact SEO and page load times hurting the client-business relationship. 

Layouts shifts and new elements appear on users’ screens in stages when loading especially when switching devices. Slow web page load speeds? Losing out on great customer experiences? Here are 3 ways to improve your LCP score for Google Search Engine:

  1. Optimize Images 
  2. Minify, defer, & minimize JavaScript & CSS
  3. Improve your server performance 

Have issues with any of these aspects? Give us a call 248.528.3600 and a team of experts can help you optimize your website, so it creates an enjoyable experience. 

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