3 Powerful On-Page Optimizations to Power Up Your Content

on-page content

individual pages for specific keywords. Meta tags, content format, and keyword optimization can help get your content found by search engines and move your information to your audience. 

  1. Format content for readers & robots 

Break up text with H2 tags and subheaders about every 300 words. Insert H3 headers after 50 words of each shot paragraph. Use target keywords and exact-match questions with the help of Google Search Console. If you are struggling to keep paragraphs short, see if you can break any topics into bullet points. This will fuel the technical side of SEO while also helping your readers scan through topics. 

2. Optimize for feature snippets 

There are several types of featured snippets Google displays based on search intent, query, and history: Paragraph featured snippet, Listed featured snippet, and table featured snippet. Create questions in a similar format to drive more organic traffic and create brand authority. 

3. Add an FAQ section & schema 

Having a FAQ section helps boost impressions, gain a higher Click Through Rate (CTR), drive engagement with interlinking, and improve visibility by lowering your competition on SERPs. Adding 3-4 common questions and answers at the bottom of your web page will your customers understand your product or service as well as improve your keyword rankings in search engines. 

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