12 Actionable Steps to Drive Newsletter Growth with SEO Content

drive newsletter growth

Newsletter subscribers are one of the many ways to build an engaged audience. This can lead to opportunities to create an awesome content marketing campaign with brands you want to work with. To get started you first must focus on SEO-friendly blog content. Blog or create content that ranks highly in search and make it super easy (and enticing) for readers to subscribe to our newsletter once they visit our blog. Here are 12 actionable steps you can take to help get you started:

1. Keyword Research 

2. Great Content Writing 

3. Content Re-Optimization 

4. Audio/Visuals in Blog Content

5. Pillar (landing) Pages 

6. Pop-Up Form 

7. Sticky Sidebar 

8. Inline Subscribe CTA 

9. Dedicated Newsletter Sign-up page + Nav Link

10. Downloadable Content & Webinars

11. Surveys

12. New Layout for Better User Experience

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